Graduation project 2012 | Berghs SoC
Objects, sound and rhythm is an graduation project at Bergh SoC made by Daniel Ahlgren and Viktor Blomstergren. Can you make a language for music in visual communication? We explore different layers to develop and make it understandable in different contexts.Shape notes are a music notation designed to facilitate congregational and community singing. The notation, introduced in 1801, became a popular teaching device in American singing schools. Shapes were added to the note heads in written music to help singers find pitches within major and minor scales without the use of more complex information found in key signatures on the staff.

The return of the shapes
Our idea is to replace the current system of notes with a system that is more understandable for people playing and creating music. The old system works very well in a context were singing and music are the main focus; not in the digital era of today. Instead we placed the focus of the system in how people understand music by using visual communication. The final product is an alphabet created out of seeing sound. Please take a look at our manuals

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