Robin & Peacook

Robin & Peacock

6,8% Vol 33 cl bottle

Project description: The breif was to create a beer-concept with primary and secondary packaging, for the beer IPA (Indian Pale Ale), for the trademark Brutal Brewing.

The mission was to create a concept/packaging which could stand out on the shelves and in the cocky way that Brutal Brewing stands for.

The challange was to create a concept/packaging who will stand out visually and in the same time show some kind of connection to the beer handicraft and it’s history to be trustworthy as a specialist beer.

The sollution was a beer-concept who carried a story in the context where the Indian Pale Ale first was invented, which was because of the englishmens long journeys to India during the colonization in the 18:th century. 

I created Robin and Peacock, two national birds in the same bottle. Robin is the English national bird and peacock is the Indian counterpart. Anything can happend when you mix two completely different individuals of the same bottle.

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